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Air Ventilation

Comfortable Air LOST Due To Faulty Ventilation

Old ductwork will deliver only 40-60% of your new equipment’s air.

The ventilation (the ductwork) is what delivers comfortable air to the registers in your home or business. If your ductwork is old, leaky, or outdated it CANNOT deliver all the warm or cool air you paid for when you purchased that system.

Perhaps you purchased your system from someone who ‘saved’ you big bucks. The ‘savings’ were most probably achieved because the contractor did not replace or upgrade the ductwork to match the new system. Not only did you pay a premium price for a system that cannot work up to its capacity, but you are also paying inflated energy bills because of constantly cranking the thermostat up or down to get the result you want.

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We can restore your system

At American, we do math equations on your equipment and compare it to the manufacturer’s specs. Then we measure and do the equations on your duct work and test it, to see what you’re actually getting. We don’t guess, we measure the rated performance against ACTUAL performance. And if they don’t match, we fix it.

With our 15 years of HVAC expertise, we can restore your system to specs – and sometimes make it function even better than the manufacturer’s specs – because of our attention to the correct installation and repair of ventilation.

Return to Comfort and Reduce Energy Bills with Correct Ventilation!

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We are certified with

National Comfort Institute

Duct system optimization specialist – cert# 18-306-03
Air balancing residential – cert# 18-311-02
System performance commercial – cert#19-002-09
Certified economizer specialist – cert#19-003-04
Carbon monoxide and combustion analyzation – cert# 19-106-07

Esco Institute Universal EPA


Contractor State License Board

License: C20 & C38

Phi Theta Kappa


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