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About Us

Our Customer Service and Dedicated Employees Set Us Apart

Our Ethos in Latin

Not everyone can read or understand Latin, but we can. Just like learning the details of an ancient language, we take the science and study of air, temperature, and pressure so seriously that we have incorporated these words into our logo and into our mission.

  • Caliditas

    We MUST understand TEMPERATURE, for that is what we change

  • Pressus

    We MUST first understand temperature, then PRESSURE

  • Caeli

    We MUST understand AIR, for that is what we move

  • Studium

    We MUST constantly STUDY to continually learn

  • Kalkuli

    We MUST CALCULATE correctly, if not, it’s only a guess

  • Electi

    Finally, you become ELITE in the entire valley

The NASA Job

We were hired by another company that has an emergency air-conditioning division to rectify a problem at NASA that no one could figure out. NASA’s spaceship-launch devices couldn’t go above or below 76ᵒ and no higher than 40% humidity or the equipment would have to be scrapped.

NASA was so desperate for someone with expert knowledge who could keep everything at the correct temperature, that they were willing to fly us by helicopter to do it.Instead, we came by van to Blythe, California to make sure we had the right tools and parts with us. Imagine the stress, driving through the blast-furnace heat of mid-summer in the desert knowing that a difference of 2 degrees would ruin everything.

We had only minutes to spare to accomplish the impossible, but WE DID IT! Although NASA didn’t give us a plaque (they should have), American Cool, Heat, Air & Commercial Refrigeration is now known throughout the Coachella Valley as the Delta Force team for our ability to handle the impossible and succeed.

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Our Team – The Delta Force – The Electi

William Wood

Delta Tech Lv3

Loves: family, people, work, being a technician, teacher, system designer, likes perfection, loves GOD.

“I’ve been in the HVAC Industry for 15 years, starting in the construction industry since I was 8, I’m always Studying HVAC materials, have Associates Degree in heating, air conditioning, ventilation & refrigeration, a second Associates Degree in Business Administration, many other certifications.”

Francisco De Leon

Delta Tech Lv2

Loves: kitties, likes metal music, loves all kinds of foods.

“I’ve done 8 years in the Navy, went to trade school HVAC – graduated top of my class, pursuing HVAC education, hold reputable certifications in HVAC industry”

Kyle Campbell

Delta Tech Lv1

Loves: movies, like country & rock music, likes exploring new places, outdoors, hikes, travels, hunting during winter, loves Mexican food & Oriental food, likes fishing.

“I’ve done 4 years in the Marine Corps, pursuing HVAC degrees & certifications, growing myself professionally to increase my knowledge in the HVAC Industry, I aspire to be a Delta Tech Lv3”

David Hurley

Aspiring to be Delta Tech Lv1

Loves: Family, the great outdoors along with all kinds of sports.

“I’ve been in HVAC for 3 years, ever since finishing schooling. I have my associates degree in HVAC, along with many other notable certifications. I am continually studying HVAC materials to advance in the industry.”

Alan Ramirez

Aspiring to be Delta Tech Lv1

Loves: coffee, animals, learning, and puzzles.

“I only have one motto: ‘Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all’. I consider myself an A+ student, A+ worker, shooting for best technician in the valley.”

Do you have what it takes to join the American Electi?

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We are certified with

National Comfort Institute

Duct system optimization specialist – cert# 18-306-03
Air balancing residential – cert# 18-311-02
System performance commercial – cert#19-002-09
Certified economizer specialist – cert#19-003-04
Carbon monoxide and combustion analyzation – cert# 19-106-07

Esco Institute Universal EPA


Contractor State License Board

License: C20 & C38

Phi Theta Kappa


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