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Welcome to the leading provider of commercial HVAC repair services in Los Angeles, Coachella valley and the surrounding areas. With over twenty years of specialized experience, our team at American Cool Heat Air and Commercial Refrigeration is equipped to handle the complex challenges that commercial HVAC systems face in this dynamic climate. Regular, professional Maintenance not only restores system efficiency but also ensures Your Equipment runs according to manufacture specs. Our certified technicians are committed to delivering quick and effective repairs that minimize downtime and protect your investment whenever possible. Trust us to provide solutions that enhance system performance and extend its lifespan, supporting your business’s success and sustainability.

What is Commercial HVAC Repair?

Commercial HVAC repair involves identifying the root cause and correcting problems within Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems specifically designed for commercial properties. Unlike residential systems, commercial HVAC units are larger and more complex, and they operate under higher demand and stress. This makes specialized knowledge crucial for effectively handling repairs that are beyond routine maintenance tasks.

Engineer doing HVAC repair

Key components that often require repair include:

  • Air Conditioner Systems:

    Repairs may involve fixing or replacing parts that cause inefficient cooling & system overuse, which can lead to increased energy consumption and system wear.

  • Heating System Systems:

    There are several components and safeties in heating systems that may need repairs, issues with heating not only affects the building temperature but also the overall performance and safety of everyone.

  • Ventilation Equipment:

    Repairing ventilation systems is critical for ensuring they continue to manage air flow and air quality properly, which is vital for maintaining a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

Repairing a commercial HVAC system not only restores it to proper working condition but also ensures that it functions efficiently, saving costs on energy and preventing potential breakdowns that can lead to expensive replacements.

Importance of Timely HVAC Repairs

Proper and timely repairs are crucial for several reasons:

  • System Longevity:

    Addressing repairs promptly can prevent compounding issues and extend the life of the system, avoiding premature failures.

  • Cost Efficiency:

    Efficient systems reduce energy use and operational costs. Repairs can restore efficiency and reduce the overall expense.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Safety:

    A well-functioning HVAC system ensures a comfortable environment for occupants and minimizes risks associated with poor heating or cooling systems.

Commercial HVAC systems require routine checks and maintenance to identify issues before they escalate into major problems, ensuring that repairs are handled quickly and effectively. By staying proactive about repairs, businesses can avoid the disruptions and high costs associated with system failures, maintaining an optimal working environment for both employees and customers.

Don’t let HVAC issues disrupt your business operations.

Contact us today to address any Current HVAC issues you’re facing or issues that just won’t go away with our expert repair services. Ensure your systems are functioning efficiently and reliably with our professional support. Let us help you maintain your HVAC investment, saving you time and money while avoiding the hassles of unexpected system failures.
Don’t let HVAC issues disrupt your business operations.

Expert HVAC Repair Solutions for Los Angeles and Surrounding Regions & Coachella Valley

In the bustling business environment of Los Angeles & Coachella Valley, effective and efficient HVAC systems are crucial. That’s why we provide rapid response services to resolve any HVAC issues you might encounter. Our goal is to ensure that your business experiences the least possible disruption and maintains optimal indoor air quality and comfort.


We specialize in providing top-notch Commercial HVAC and Commercial Refrigeration services tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses like yours. Whether you’re running a commercial space, a grocery store, or an industrial facility, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive range of services. From installation to maintenance and repairs, our skilled technicians are here to ensure that your systems run smoothly and efficiently.


At our core, we understand the unique challenges and demands of commercial settings. That’s why we’re dedicated to delivering solutions that prioritize your comfort, efficiency, and safety. With our expertise in Commercial HVAC Services and Commercial Refrigeration Services, you can trust that your business is in good hands.


We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest industry advancements and technologies to provide you with reliable and efficient solutions. Our commitment to transparency and integrity means that you can trust us to deliver exceptional service every step of the way.
Experience the difference of working with a team that’s dedicated to helping your business thrive. 


The company was started with the vision of creating the best team of AC and Refrigeration technicians in the industry, and using our advanced education and experience to deliver the highest level of craftsmanship to all of our clients. We are committed to understanding the science and study of air, Pressures & temperatures and Electrical Theory so seriously that we have incorporated these words into our logo and into our mission.


We are the FIRST company you should call and the LAST company you’ll ever need. You can feel confident when you call American Cool Heat Air. We do it right.

Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles, Surrounding Areas & Coachella Valley

Repairing your air conditioning system is critical to ensuring it operates efficiently and effectively, especially in commercial settings where comfort and air quality are paramount. Here’s how we approach air conditioning repairs to address and resolve issues swiftly, ensuring your systems perform optimally in the challenging environments of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems and Their Repair Needs:

Split Systems (Central Air Conditioning Systems)

These systems may require repairs to ductwork, issues with refrigerant leaks, electrical malfunctions, or problems in the indoor or outdoor units that compromise the system’s efficiency and zone control capabilities.
Split Systems (Central Air Conditioning Systems)

Packaged Units:

Located outside, these units frequently need repairs on condenser coils, fan components, or electrical systems to ensure they continue to meet the cooling demands effectively.
Packaged Units

AC Repair Process

Our targeted repair process is designed to quickly and effectively restore the functionality and efficiency of your air conditioning system:

  • Diagnosis:

    We start with a detailed assessment to identify the root cause of the issue using advanced diagnostic tools.

  • Solution Proposal:

    After diagnosing the problem, we explain all repair options and provide transparent pricing for the necessary services.

  • Efficient Repair Execution:

    Our certified technicians carry out the repairs using high-quality parts and industry-best practices to ensure lasting results.

  • System Testing and Verification:

    Once repairs are completed, we thoroughly test the system to ensure it operates at optimal efficiency and meets all performance standards.

The Vital Role of Timely Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Prevent Further Damage:

    Addressing repairs early can prevent compounding issues resulting in more extensive and costly damage to the system.

  • Restore Efficiency:

    Repairs can significantly improve energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

  • Enhance Comfort:

    A fully functional air conditioning system provides a consistent and comfortable environment, which is essential for the well-being and productivity of building occupants.

Emergency A/C Replacement

One of our clients, a multinational high-end chain of hospitality enterprises, faced an urgent issue last summer. Despite attempts by multiple companies to repair their 12.5-ton A/C system, which had been in use for 35 years, none were successful. Realizing the futility of further repairs, they reached out to us for assistance. Upon arrival, we conducted a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of the system. Subsequently, we performed a thorough overhaul and maintenance of the condensing unit and evaporator, installed new seals on all cabinets, adjusted the blower fan speed, and rectified several leaks that had been poorly repaired by a previous company. Additionally, we swiftly addressed any other issues encountered. Remarkably, we managed to complete all necessary work and have the system operational again within a single business day. Satisfied with the results of our intervention, our client decided against replacing the unit, acknowledging it as one of their most effective cooling systems presently in operation.

Engineer doing an Emergency AC Replacement

Why Choose Us for Your Air Conditioning Repair?

Choosing our air conditioning repair services guarantees you access to expert, prompt, and dependable solutions for any AC problems. Our proficient technicians possess the expertise to tackle various air conditioning systems, guaranteeing accurate repairs from the outset. Reach out to us now to resolve any AC worries and regain your system’s efficiency and dependability, ensuring your space remains comfortable regardless of external factors.


Heating Systems Repair in Los Angeles, Surrounding Areas & Coachella Valley

Repairing your heating system is critical to ensuring safety,  optimal comfort and efficiency in commercial environments. Just as regular maintenance is essential, timely repairs are crucial for addressing any issues that could impact the performance and safety of your heating system. Here’s how we handle repairs to keep various types of heating systems operating smoothly:

Types of Heating Systems and Their Repair Needs:


Repair tasks might include fixing or replacing malfunctioning safeties, valves, orifices, addressing issues with heat exchangers, or resolving problems with the ventilation system that can affect safety and efficiency in large commercial spaces.
Commercial Furnace Los Angeles

Heat Pumps:

Repairs often focus on correcting refrigerant leaks, fixing or replacing faulty thermostats, and ensuring that the reversing valves operate correctly for both heating and cooling modes.
Commercial Heat Pumps

Heating Systems Repair Process

Our detailed repair process is designed to restore and enhance the functionality of your heating system:

  • Problem Diagnosis:

    We begin with a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose the specific issues affecting your heating system.

  • Detailed Repair Plan:

    After identifying the problems, we provide a clear, detailed plan for the necessary repairs, including an upfront estimate.

  • Expert Repair Execution:

    Our certified technicians carry out the repairs, using high-quality parts and tools to ensure durability and efficiency.

  • System Testing:

    Post-repair, we thoroughly test the system to ensure it meets all operational and safety standards, confirming that your heating system is ready to perform effectively throughout the year.

The Importance of Timely Heating Systems Repair

  • Preventing Major Failures:

    Addressing repairs promptly can prevent minor issues from developing into major system failures that are costly to resolve.

  • Restoring Efficiency:

    Effective repairs can restore and even enhance the energy efficiency of your heating system, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs.

  • Ensuring Comfort and Safety:

    A well-functioning heating system is crucial for the comfort and safety of building occupants, especially during colder months.

Overhauling Heat Pump Systems for Cost-Effective Solutions

Another one of our clients, a global high-end hospitality establishment, had previously been quoted for two new systems costing over $80,000. The previous company had been bypassing safety switches and providing poor maintenance on the equipment. When we arrived, we conducted a thorough diagnosis of the equipment, presenting a breakdown of all necessary repairs for the heat pump system. They opted for our recommendation of a full overhaul maintenance and repairs, which restored the equipment to almost new condition, running according to manufacturer specifications. This decision saved our client tens of thousands of dollars

Reviving Efficiency Overhauling Heat Pump Systems for Cost-Effective Solutions

Why Choose Us for Your Heating System Repairs?

Choosing our heating system repair services guarantees that your commercial space receives dependable and efficient heating solutions. Our technicians possess expertise in addressing various heating system issues and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to deliver top-notch repairs.

Don’t let heating system issues leave you in the cold

Contact us today to address any concerns and restore your system’s functionality and efficiency. Let us provide the reliable repairs needed to keep your business warm and comfortable.

Ventilation Repair in Los Angeles, Surrounding Areas & Coachella Valley

Repairing your ventilation system is crucial for maintaining a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment in commercial buildings. Just as regular maintenance is important, addressing and fixing issues promptly ensures that ventilation systems continue to function optimally and meet the demands of your business effectively.

Ventilation System Repair Essentials

Repairs to ventilation systems in commercial settings are necessary to address specific issues that can significantly impact air quality and system efficiency:

  • Air Quality:

    Repairs may be needed when systems fail to prevent the buildup of pollutants, bacteria, and viruses. This is especially critical in densely populated or high-traffic areas.

  • Temperature / Humidity Control:

    Issues with the Ductwork or Ventilation Systems result in a system that is unable to control temperature, and humidity effectively, this often leads to uneven temperatures in the conditioned spaces, and makes it much more difficult for the HVAC System to maintain a comfortable environment.

  • Energy Efficiency:

    Addressing repairs in Ductwork and ventilation systems can significantly reduce the load on heating and cooling systems, leading to enhanced energy savings.

Ventilation System Repair Procedures

Our targeted repair process ensures your ventilation system returns to optimal operation:

  • System Diagnosis:

    We begin by inspecting ducts, fans, and other components to identify the source of any issues, such as blockages or mechanical failures.

  • Effective Solutions:

    After diagnosing the problems, we provide detailed repair plans, including cleaning, part replacement, or adjustments necessary to restore functionality.

  • Performance Restoration:

    Repairs are executed to bring systems back to their original efficiency and operational standards, ensuring spaces are conditioned uniformly and air quality is restored.

Addressing Common ventilation Repair Challenges

Repairing a commercial ventilation system involves overcoming unique challenges that may arise due to system age or design complexities:

  • Space Constraints:

    We implement solutions that accommodate the spatial limitations of older or uniquely designed buildings without extensive renovation.

  • System Integration:

    Our repairs are carefully planned to work seamlessly with existing HVAC systems, enhancing overall performance without disrupting ongoing operations.

  • Aesthetic Integrity:

    We ensure that all repairs maintain the aesthetic quality of the visible components, such as vents and ducts, ensuring they remain both functional and integrated with the building’s design.

Transforming Air Quality for a Multinational Coffee Chain

Here is a perfect example of how, as a company, you must understand air ventilation as a fluid. This unit was installed by a contractor, passed city inspection, HERS rater testing (a third-party testing agency to verify installation), and also passed commissioning. This unit passed four different entities, and many other companies also worked on and maintained this specific unit. However, this coffee chain location struggled to cool down during summer, and excessive dirt would build up inside the location. Upon our testing, we found that the unit was somewhat operating within manufacturer specifications, but proper cooling and poor air quality were still problems for them. We found a problem with the air pressure between the A/C and ductwork. Upon lifting the unit up, we found that it was a really bad installation. Despite passing four different entities, we provided a few repair options. The client needed the unit up and running as soon as possible. It went from bringing in insulation particles from the attic, unconditioned outside air with dirt, and losing 65% of air to being sealed up, not bringing outside air in, and delivering a full capacity of 97%.

Commercial Ventilation Repair for a Multinational Coffee Chain
Ventilation Issue AC bottom frame repair

The center opened squares should not be opened and the A/C bottom frame should be sealing with the opening of the roof curb

Ventilation Issue Roof Curb has been repaired

Roof Curb has been repaired, Unit is ready to be dropped down and sealed from outside unconditioned air.

Why Choose Us for Your Ventilation Repair?

Choosing us for your ventilation repair means relying on a team that understands the critical role of ventilation in commercial environments. With our expert services, you can expect a restored, fully functional ventilation system that enhances the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your workspace.

Don’t let ventilation issues compromise your business environment.

Contact us today to address any repair needs with your ventilation system, ensuring it performs efficiently and effectively throughout the year.

Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor in Los Angeles, Surrounding Areas & Coachella Valley

When selecting an HVAC contractor for your commercial needs in Los Angeles, its surrounding areas & Coachella Valley, it’s crucial to consider both certifications and experience to ensure the highest standards of service and expertise.


Certifications and Experience


Our team holds certifications and licenses that affirm our commitment to excellence in HVAC services:

NCI 300



Duct system optimization specialist
cert# 18-306-03

Air balancing residential
cert# 18-311-02

System performance commercial
cert# 19-002-09

Certified economizer specialist
cert# 19-003-04

Carbon monoxide and combustion analyzation
cert# 19-106-07

Contractor State License Board


License: C20 & C38 #1031858

Why Choose Us for Your HVAC Repair?

Choosing American Cool Heat Air for your HVAC repair means partnering with a team whose expertise and credentials are exceptional in the industry. Our extensive certifications and profound experience equip us to tackle any HVAC repair challenge with unmatched precision and professionalism. We have a proven track record of successfully addressing complex repairs in a variety of commercial settings, ensuring our clients receive the most reliable and effective HVAC solutions available.

By selecting our services, you benefit from a team that deeply understands the technical complexities of commercial HVAC systems and that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and durability. Our approach to HVAC repair is thorough and focused on delivering long-term solutions, not just quick fixes. Trust us to restore and enhance the functionality and operational efficiency of your HVAC systems, ensuring your business environment remains comfortable and energy-efficient.


Reach out today to discuss how our certified expertise can quickly and effectively address your HVAC repair needs, minimizing downtime and maximizing system performance.


O'Caine's Public House
O’Caine’s Public House
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William and his crew came to our rescue. They designed a plan to tackle our problem, and then took care of business! Fantastic job. We won’t hesitate to call them the next time a problem pops up.
Kimberly Guzman
Kimberly Guzman
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I run a restaurant, bakery and deli. We have 3 large walk in refrigerators, 2 freezers and about 10 other refrigerated units. It’s a big operation and I have used several companies over the years. I came across American Cool Heat & commercial refrigeration about 4 years ago. They are the most thorough and honest company I have worked with in 19 years of operation. I love that they warranty their work and explain everything to me. The owner, William, had me go on the roof with him to check out our refrigeration rack and explain each part, I made videos for reference. Our equipment was out dated and needed to be serviced. He showed me several areas where poor work had been done by other companies. His techs are friendly, efficient and professionally trained, I never have to guess or ask questions, they always clearly explain everything to me and give me some options depending on the job. They are replacing a defrost timer and condensing fan in my walk in freezer today. Whenever I call for service, they come the same day- even emergencies on weekends. Can’t say enough good things about this company. Ask for William!
Nick Pascual
Nick Pascual
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great services they explain everything to me and give me some options depending on the job. They are replacing a defrost timer and condensing fan in my walk thank u
Jimmy McGill
Jimmy McGill
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We have a large business in Palm Springs. William and his team came highly recommended. From day one, they did the impossible. This includes rebuilding a 20-ton HVAC unit on our roof that was written off by other companies. Competitors wanted to remove it which included a crane, insurances, and of course the replacement cost. William, Frank, and the team assessed the unit, and gave us a 90% success rate on a repair vs. a replacement. They succeeded. From then on, they’ve handled all or our equipment… on time, up front, and always professional.
Kelli Lam
Kelli Lam
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I can not rave enough about the promptness, cleanliness, and the trust that I have with this company. The employee explained everything from start to finish. I used them multiple times and the professionalism is consistent. I admire the work ethic and integrity. I refer this company to everybody I know!! You will not be disappointed!
beth karcher
beth karcher
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William and his team have gone above and beyond. They are on time, professional, and always in contact with me to keep me updated. They have done AC installs, repairs, and refrigeration work for us and get the job done in a timely manner. I use them on a regular basis and wouldn’t call anyone else.
Elizabeth Carr
Elizabeth Carr
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I have used American several times for work on refrigerators and our ice machine. I wouldn’t use anyone else. They are prompt, courteous, skilled and reasonable. I have been in business for over 30 years and to find a service business this good is wonderful.
Dee Dee Kalisvaart
Dee Dee Kalisvaart
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American CoolHeat Air & Commercial Refrigeration is a service we’ve used twice now. Their technicians were very courteous, respectful and were sensitive to the needs of my 91-year old mother, who is on a fixed income.They arrived promptly, worked for hours and hours on our AC in the heat. I appreciate their honesty and willingness to go the extra mile. What’s even nicer is they always say, “God bless you.” before they hang up the phone. That alone will assure that they will continue to get our business!
Bill Pomales
Bill Pomales
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William did a great job. Explained everything from start to finish so that I understood all that was happening along with all costs s there was no surprise. I will recommend William and American to anyone who needs them
vincente castaneda
vincente castaneda
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Great company they come in do a professional job and do great thorough work and have your system up and running the right way


No Commercial HVAC or Refrigeration job is too small or too far for us. While our primary branches are located in Palm Desert and Rancho Cucamonga, California, we’re dedicated to reaching customers wherever they are in need.

Proudly serving cities across California, including Indio, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Bermuda Dunes, Thousand Palms, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and extending to Los Angeles and beyond. Your satisfaction is our priority, no matter the distance or scale of the project.


Common Questions about Commercial HVAC repair


Poor Air Quality or excessive dirt or insulation material coming from the vents despite having clean air filters installed, hot and cold spots throughout the conditioned space, the humidity levels dont feel right, your HVAC System starts running longer than before and is struggling to keep temp.

While we do our best to respond the same day, however this depends on our schedule, We prioritize breakdowns & emergencies so we can usually respond same day or the next day.

We work on almost any type of system, Split Systems, even water source systems, Package units, chillers, cooling towers etc.

Yes, all our technicians are EPA licensed certified to handle refrigerants.

We use a flat rate system to take all the guesswork and confusion out of the picture.

Yes, we can diagnose and make repairs on equipment that we did not install.

We warranty our Brazed joints for the lifetime of the equipment, All other warranties for commercial locations are generally 1-2 years

The number one way is to have a reliable company perform routine maintenance frequently, this allows technicians to find issues before they become big issues.

We do, we offer Emergency services when possible.

# Hvac Repairs are needed when there is a breakdown, or the HVAC unit is not performing as it should.


# Hvac Maintenance goes by different names, Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, System Tune up. The objective is to maintain the system so it is always at peak performance.




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